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Luxurious interiors and fast running times made the Metroliner Service a viable competitor to regional airlines.In another colorful design from illustrator David Klein, a Metroliner car takes center stage.Manufactured in 19 by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division, this six-axle diesel-electric unit sported a 3,000-horsepower engine.Since many passenger rail cars were still heated via steam, the SDP40F included two steam generators and a water tank.

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Takes You Clear Across America” to emphasize the railroad’s mandate to operate a national, intercity passenger rail system.

Industrial designer Raymond Loewy gave the locomotive a streamlined aesthetic that emphasized speed and movement. The last Amtrak GG-1 ran on May 1, 1981 – 10 years to the day when Amtrak took over the nation’s intercity passenger rail system. DOT as part of a 1960s program to explore high-speed rail service, the Turbo Trains were designed by United Aircraft Corporation and built by Pullman-Standard.

This brochure promoting the Potomac Turbo includes a photo of the Turbo Train, an articulated, lightweight trainset with a gas-turbine propulsion system. The bi-level power dome cars located at each end of the train - such as the one seen here - housed six turbines, as well as seating on both levels.

This image is part of a set taken to highlight the Coast Starlight/Daylight (Seattle-Los Angeles).

This service was one of the first to run almost the full length of the West Coast.

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