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See TFone Services - Vo IP Services TFone allows businesses to make and receive phone calls over the Internet using the Voice over Internet Protocol.Set up your TFone Number to route to a mobile phone or telephone number, or a range of SIP devices (a soft phone, IP Phone or IP PBX)."As a chef, I'm well versed in all kinds of genres and am looking forward to jazzing up a menu that reflects a little of this and a little of that.

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Your customers will have a simple mobile phone number as a point of contact with your organisation. Virtual Fax numbers / Fax to Email / Fax to Web Service Replace your existing fax line and send/receive faxes over the internet!

Maranui Cafe is doing a lunchtime "two for one" on it's Little Miss Collett pink sparkling moscato.

Meanwhile, Sterling Eatery and Bar has a pre-show menu featuring charred salmon and the Bresolin has a cocktail special, Scarlet Fever, a mix of sloe gin and Grand Marnier.

TSMS Services - Total Internet SMS Services The rise of SMS in enterprise is a well documented phenomenon, with businesses using SMS as a low cost, high speed tool for internal communications, customer marketing and mission critical alerting. Our SMS Coverage is not just limited to New Zealand and Australia but also reaches over 75% of the world.

We cover 99.7% of Europe, along with 340 networks in 140 countries. TFax Services - Total Internet Fax Services TNZ Group provides a complete Internet based fax service.

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