Crystalens hd accommodating lens dating somerset uk

Optical bench testing of IOLs in a wet cell IOL mount indicates that the Crystalens HD has the best intermediate-distance contrast with a 3-mm pupil.The near peak for the Re STOR 3.0 is at 3 D, while the Tecnis Multifocal near peak is at 4 D.Carlos Buznego, MD, in practice at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care in Miami and a volunteer assistant professor of ophthalmology at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, says his practice currently implants about 20 percent of cataract patients with presbyopic lenses; about 15 percent of this group receive a Crystalens, while the other 85 percent get the Re STOR. Buznego believes multifocal lenses have gotten a bad reputation because of past problems with visual quality that are mitigated in the latest versions.“My lens of choice is the Re STOR aspheric 3.0 lens, or SN6AD1,” he says.

“We might start with a Crystalens and see how they do.” “A patient who had significant problems getting used to bifocals, whether progressive or standard, has already demonstrated an inability to adapt to a different visual system,” observes Dr. “We’d be careful with those patients and maybe not recommend a presbyopic lens.” “Some patients who have had problems wearing contact lenses are halo-phobic or glare-phobic,” notes Dr. “I recommend the Crystalens for those patients, which has resulted in a good level of success.” Dr.“In our studies the Re STOR 4.0 and the Tecnis [ 4.0] multifocal have similar optimal near points that are a little bit closer than the Re STOR 3.0.But the Tecnis multifocal also has a modest intermediate peak, giving the patient a little bit of intermediate focus as well.” R.In the Tecnis multifocal, the multifocality is spread across the entire lens.” Dr. “The halo effect of the Tecnis and Re STOR multifocal is not as bad as we saw with other products, but it’s still there.” Dr.Wallace agrees that the Tecnis multifocal gives better near vision in dimly lit areas than the Re STOR, but notes that the Crystalens also has low-light advantages because near vision won’t be affected much by the light level. Buznego says he also recommends a pseudoaccommodative lens if a patient has a working situation with poor light. Stahl also wouldn’t recommend a multifocal for a truck driver or commercial pilot, though he says his practice has sometimes implanted a multifocal lens in someone who is a recreational pilot. Wallace notes that some patients will do a lot of night driving and still want great reading vision.

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