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We still see each other, and I catch her cutting her eyes and wondering, but she is to steeped in the emotion and tradition to go out an a limb that is sturdier than she'll ever know. I half expected her to throw me out of her car (hopefully when it was not in motion) and I would have to find my own ride home. We got along really well, I guess because I am very aware of my Cancerian vices and I did a lot of research on Sags once I realized how much I'd fallen for him.

I'm still crazy about her and know we'd click despite the horror stories that Sagittarius's and Cancer cannot get along. Well the plot thickens because I decided to break it off with the fiance (which totally upsets my family) and a month after that I became pregnant.

For 3 months I've been trying to analyze what he said and it gave me a different perspective on love. And I am so desperate to talk to him about everything that I learned! it has been 8 years since we were together but everything is still the same I love him more and our sex life is so divine its unbearable.

I've been reading a lot of books lately too; about understanding men, true love, marriage, Sagittarius traits, etc. I am willing to give him a clean slate and start all over again---I want to be friends with him again and prove myself that I am still worthy of his love. I feel in love with her after working together for a few years and one night the sparks really started flying, and it wasn't the fire! They take a long time to come out of the shell and you have to be very careful and patient with them. They will care for you and be there in the best and the worst time of your life.

Still, I liked it and took it as a positive sign that she was quite interested and I loved here feminine wiles.

but she makes me feel like the only man that matters... Within minutes of talking on the track where we both used, she was telling me, "I have HBO," yeah, I know.

this lust was border line obsession when she wanted me to feel that way. Still, once it became a bit weird, the relationship stayed that way.

Every way that I read her and tried to please her was wrong along the way. Instantly, just a week after reconnecting we were having the best sex of my life (and of his life as well- let him tell it).For one thing, I am not a typical sag, although I do have some of the traits. I tried to apologize in between rants or when she stopped for breath, but it was too late. The Sag and I were very excited about our baby and building a life together.Bottom line is that this match takes communication to work and without it, well, just move on. He transferred jobs and moved to my state to be with us.In hindsight, I said some hurtful things with the knowledge I have gained, but had she been honest and up front, it would have worked a lot better. Her friend was getting married in a few months and we were shopping for shoes. Keep in mind by now I am 7 months pregnant and highly hormonal-- I thought my Sag had bailed out on me.Be frank with us and we'll love you for it without judgment. She asked me to come along to offer a man's perspective. The family sure did think so and weren't shy about letting me know it.

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