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The problem with most free sites is that, registration is too easy -username, password & check some boxes, so you end up with a lot of messages from clowns & scammers, you know "the babes that look too good to be true", and probably some kids under age because the only requirement is basically "click here if you are over 18" Let's face it the sole purpose of a free dating site is not about dating, but to get you to click their ads because that's how they make their money.and it doesn't matter to them if a 5 year old clicks ads or an adult. I won't name the site (so I don't sound biased) Now I notice I get responses from genuine people because on paid sites people make an investment and there purpose is to actually meet someone.Oasis active is much better than most, especially for a free site.It suffer's major problems because of the commonality of the people frequenting the site.To me Oasis wasn't free, because my time is valuable, and I'd rather spend it meeting someone over coffee at a cafe than waste my time reading thru useless messages.I just discovered Oasis and ended up here while searching around for what people have been saying about it.

It used to be slow loading the messages bit, but havn't had any problems recently I tried Oasis for a while , I never got genuine responses it's probably because I'm a guy that's only average I’ve mentioned in the previous article, Bucharest is one of Eastern Europe’s nightlife “capitals” – you can find here over 200 nightclubs spread across the city and plenty more restaurants or pubs where you can spend a quiet evening, if you’re not into dancing and loud music.And of course, if you’re up for a night on the town, you won’t want to spend it alone, would you?They are well travelled, at least in Europe, usually speak at least two foreign languages and are always interested in meeting people from a different culture than theirs.(as in other places) and there are some key things that you should know if you want to land a date: dress elegantly – smart casual (no tracksuit, no shiny stuff – glasses, shoes etc.), take off your sun glasses when you go inside, always have a drink in front of you.

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