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It is one of the largest countries in Africa and one of the richest.Leopold ideas reflected the racist ideas of most of his European counterparts at the time.He thought that Africa was "stagnant, primitive and dark", and that his rule would bring "progress, civilisation and light."Belgium's brutal exploitation of the Congo is infamous.Leopold accumulated a vast personal fortune from ivory and rubber using Congolese forced labour.At about the same time, the ANC was reaching a similar conclusion that it could not achieve a revolutionary victory within the foreseeable future.

The African elite in the colony was very small, and this suited the financial interests of Belgium, which planned to maintain its economic grip on the Congo's mineral resources and raw materials.Lumumba appealed to the United Nations to expel the Belgians and help restore internal order.The United Nations forces refused to help suppress the Katangese revolt. You can read about the crisis of Apartheid in the 1980s in section 5 of the grade 12 material.The collapse of communism in the Soviet Union was another major cause of the end of apartheid. The apartheid state used the label 'communist' to justify its repressive actions against anyone who disagreed with their policies.

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