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Barrowman was under consideration for the role of Will in the popular US series Will and Grace, but the producers felt he was "too straight" and the role went to Eric Mc Cormack instead, who is straight.

"The sad thing is it's run by gay men and women," said Barrowman in a January 2006 article.

In 1991, Barrowman met his partner, British architect Scott Gill, during a production of Rope at the Chichester Festival Theatre. He told Scott: 'You've gotta see this guy in the play, he's naked for the first seven minutes! Scott: Yes, when the lights went up, there were these three rather handsome naked men on stage.

I looked at John and it was like a lighthouse on a dark night and I thought he could be a guy I could have a relationship with.

March 11, 1967) is a Scottish-American actor, musical performer, dancer, singer, and TV presenter who has lived and worked both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

He currently lives in the UK with long-term partner Scott Gill.

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We have a child together and I refuse to bash him to my son. “About time we get married,” Barrowman, who also starred on , went on to say. ” The pair couldn’t contain their excitement and went ahead with an additional video, in which Barrowman, who was still driving, told the camera, “We’re getting married in the state of California. Putting It Together (TV Movie) (performer: "Putting It Together", "Rich and Happy", "Lovely", "Have I Got a Girl for You", "Pretty Women", "Bang!“We’re on our way to get married,” a jolly Barrowman said in a video he posted Tuesday on his Who Say account, with Gill in the passenger seat. The happy couple then began belting out the lyrics to Air Supply’s “All Out of Love,” which conveniently happened to come on the radio, mid-video.

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