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Labyrinths are powerful tools for life changing experiences and if you are not ready it could be a difficult journey. It might be blissful, upsetting, or simply pleasant.In any event it is wise to be open for anything and trusting of your innate intuition.we are now beginning to understand how they may serve people in our time.I am a labyrinth designer, and have marked out over 140 permanent ones in North America, Canada, Brazil, and South Africa.

Instead they wove them into their spiritual practices and taught their children how to walk them without markings as soon as they were able to learn.Temporary canvas labyrinths are being put down in churches many of which were wisely sited for a beneficial placement but even temporary labyrinths aught to be dowsed for the most appropriate placement and the most beneficial positioning of the entrance for anyone who shall come to walk it.If this is not done, the Earth may not be able to supply the proper support for this sacred pathway and it will be at best a pretty pattern or at worst an uncomfortable place to be.It is important that we also treat them with great respect and place them with care.For this is not merely a pretty pattern, a game or even a New Age craze.

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