Love at first sight dating programme

Ironically, Emma and James seemed the most ill-at-ease during the register office ceremony, managing a few awkward giggles and peck on the cheek.Indeed, they openly admitted they didn’t fancy each other that much.‘I can categorically say we wouldn’t have worked if we’d married.We watched that episode and felt so tense, thinking it could have been us.Then, less than two weeks after they had married, Kate arrived home to find Jason had packed his bags, while a friend also told her Jason was active on the online dating app Tinder.Both couples were given six weeks to make it work, after which they could divorce, the costs covered by Channel 4.They split up less than two weeks after their February wedding — with Jason taking to the dating app Tinder before he had told his bride their marriage was over.

For well-matched as they may be, if things had gone differently Sam, 30, a chartered surveyor, and 29-year-old former paratrooper Jack would now be husband and wife, bound by a solemn contract, despite the fact they had never set eyes on each other, let alone spoken, before their wedding day.I was pretty much watching through my fingers.’ But the couple are getting on famously.‘I think the experts have done a good job — we got on the moment we met and are getting along like a house on fire, but that’s because there’s no pressure,’ says Sam.The broadcaster touted the programme as a groundbreaking social experiment to see whether science could determine the success of a long-term relationship.But others accused the programme of being a tawdry, cynical drive for ratings.

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