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It also marks the latest chapter in a longtime history with the Namco classic. This was her first Booty Con and she was a true shining jewel of awesomeness. Registered members get extra benefits like being able to post their own profiles for the world to see. What is the purpose of this site, and why on Earth did we choose the name Otaku Booty?

Lord Bullgod, trabus, and sparkledonkey started this thing and it's such a huge thrill to be a part of it every year. Otaku Booty is where smart, funny, sexy nerds meet. Answers to those questions and more can be found in the FAQ.

In Japan, people watching events unfolding in Crimea appear to have become captivated by the region's newly-appointed attorney general.... Here's a few of our members that attended this year.

That's a very good sign for those fighting Hodgkins.

Her cancer is very unlikely to return at this point. Mozilla, maker of Firefox, is a non-profit company that is very dear to my heart.

Instead, we should pressure Mozilla to reconsider its choice of CEO: here or on Twitter or on Facebook or anywhere else we can.

PS: If you must switch away from Firefox, I would recommend Chromium as a least-bad alternative.

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