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Part of them were removed to Kansas in the fall of 1845, and the rest the spring following. What was known as the Girard settlement, in Clayton county, was made by some parties prior to the commencement of the present century. Louis Honori settled on the site of the present town of Montrose, probably in 1799, and resided thereuntil 1805, when his property passed into other hands.

By the terms of this treaty they were to be removed from the country at the expiration of three years, and all who remained after that were to move at their own expense. The first permanent settlement made by ■whites within the limits of Iowa, was by Jalien Dubuqae,in 1788, when, with a small party of miners, he settled on the site of the city that now bears his name, where he lived until his death, in 1810.

.596 Albee, William 86y Boggs, Henry Bo Uer, John 7 Corbitt, James D.... Upon this basis the titles to the land in the Half-Breed Tract are now held. This treaty was made at Portage des Sioux of Minnesota and Upper Iowa, and the United States, by William Clark and Ninian Ed- wards, Commissioners, and was merely a treatise of peace and friendship on the part of these Indians toward the United States at the close of the war of 1812. In this the treaty of 1804 was re-affirmed, and the Sacs here repre- sented promised for themselves and their bands to keep entirely separate from the Sacs of Rook river, who, under Black Hawk, had joined the British in the war just then closed. It does not appear that any fort was erected in this territory prior to the erection of Fort Atkinson on the Neu- tral Ground in 184U-'41. Harris, Commissioner of Indian Afl Eairs, and the confederate tribes of Sacs and Foxes, ratified February 21, 1838, wherein another slice of the soil of Iowa was ob- tained, described in the treaty as follows: "A tract of country containing 1,250,000 acres, lying west and adjoining the tract conveyed by them to the United States in the treaty of September 21, 1832. — At the same date as the above treaty, in the city of Washington, Carey A.

Edward ' Johnstone and Hugh T, Reid, then law partners at Fort Madison, filed the petition for the decree in behalf of the St. The arrangement was entered into, the lots drawn, and the plat of the same filed in the Recorder's office, October 6, 1841. — A similar treaty of peace was made at Portage des Siour, between the United States and the Sacs, by William Clark, Ninian Ed Vards and Auguste Choteau, on the 13th of Sep- tember, 1815, and ratified at the same date as the above. — A separate treaty of peace was made with the Foxes at Portage des Sioux, by the same commis- sioners, on the 14th of September, 1815, and ratified the same as the above, wherein ? In addition to these annuities, the Government agreed to furnish some of the tribes with b'ack- srdiths and agricultural implements to the amount of 0, at the expense of the United States, and to set apart ,000 an- nually for the education of the children of these tribes. — Ceding Keokuk's reserve to the United States, for which the Government stipulated to pay ,000, and an annuity of ,000 for ten successive years, to- gether with other sums and debts of the Indians to various parties. Treaty o/ 1837.— On the 21st of October, 1837, a treaty was made at the city of "Washington, between Carey A.

710 710 731 732 733 734 747 748 749 749 750 760 762 762 764 764 771 77S 776 776 776 777 786 788 789 800 807 807 808 820 821 821 823 829 831 832 841 8,50 851 852 852 853 855 857 887 881 884 902 904 f^ ^♦"V -i . It is said she returned to her people, on the Upper Missouri. Muir's claim at Keokuk, subsequently em- ployed as their agent Moses Still well, who arrived with his family in 1828, and took possession. Ford), was born in 1831 at the foot of the rapids, called by the Indians Puckashetuck.

Clerk of the Court 360 Sheriffs 363 County Surveyors 369 Coroner 372 Drainag'e Commissioner 373 CHAPTER XI. 373 District Court 374 Circuit Court 379 County Court 380 CHAPTER XII. He endeavored to obtain permission from them to mine in their hills; but this they refused.

In 1820, Le Moliese, a French trader, had a station at what is now San- dusky, six miles above Keokuk, in Lee county. His marriage and subsequent life were very romantic.

Indian traders had established themselves at various points at an early date. Johnson, an agent of the American Fur Company, had a trading post below Burlington, where he carried on traffic with the Indians some- time before the United States purchased Louisiana.

She felt assured, according to the superstitious belief of her race, that in her dreams she had seen her future husband, and had come to the fort to find him. Muir, she instantly recognized him as the hero of her dream, which, with childlike innocence and simplicity, she related to him. Charmed with Sophia's beauty, innocence and devo- tion, the doctor honorably married her; but after awhile the sneers and gibes of his brother officers — less honorable than he, perhaps — made him feel ashamed of his dark-skinned wife, and when his regiment was ordered down the river to Bellefon- taine, it is said he embraced the opportu- nity to rid himself of her, never expecting to see her again, and little dreaming that she would have the courage to follow him.

The same year, a cabin was built where the city of Keokuk now stands, by Dr. While stationed at a military post on the Upper Mississippi, the post was visited by a beau- tiful Indian maiden — whose native name, unfortunately, has not been preserved — who, in her dreams, had seen a white brave unmoor his canoe, paddle it across the river, and come directly to her lodge.

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